Female Sneaker Haul W/ A Female Sneakerhead 2019 !


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  • Safiya Lin
    Safiya Lin   4 months back

    What other sneaker videos yall want ?? 🤔🤔

    • Safiya Lin
      Safiya Lin   3 months back

      Heartbreak J , to me boy shoes are cut smaller and make my feet look smaller . I definitely feel like there is a different fit between kids and women .

    • J ACY
      J ACY  3 months back

      You are my shoe size!!!!! I am a 7 in kids also!!! I have a question do you find that 7y sneakers in boys are cut differently than women’s size sneakers? Sometimes I feel like boys shoes make my feet look bigger but then again sometimes 9 in women’s does too. I guess I mean do you find any difference in how your shoes look when you buy boys 7y versus women’s 9???

  • Frances Jean Louis
    Frances Jean Louis  2 months back

    I can relate, I'm starting to store my sneakers in my mom's closet because I have so many!

    • Gucci Master
      Gucci Master  2 months back

      Have the same vans only wore them 1s

      • O&S Nation
        O&S Nation  3 months back

        I love sneakers 👟 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️.

        • XxAmthystWolfxX
          XxAmthystWolfxX  3 months back

          I’m a sneaker head too but it’s hard for me to start a collection because I am still young and can barley find any Jordan’s or good sneakers for women.. any advice? And tips on where to shop for sneakers?

          • Safiya Lin
            Safiya Lin   3 months back

            You can try getting sneakers in a kid size which goes up to a 8.5 in women. Kid jordans are easier to find than women

        • KirahBear Darling
          KirahBear Darling  3 months back

          Honeyyyyy ! I Can Relate cause i lovvvve sneakers 👟 😍😍😍😍😍😍

          • Realize Magazine
            Realize Magazine  4 months back

            dope. dm our magazine for feature

            • Kennedy Johnson
              Kennedy Johnson  4 months back

              Yes yo I love sneakers but my mom thinks I’m a tomboy which is wrong😂

              • Safiya Lin
                Safiya Lin   4 months back

                Kennedy Johnson , 😂😂😂

            • Laced To Fit
              Laced To Fit  4 months back

              Yasss u should def. make more sneaker vids

              • Dion Smoot
                Dion Smoot  4 months back

                1s are the best 🙌🏽. Those Raf Simmons dope

                • Genesis Ariel
                  Genesis Ariel  5 months back

                  I use to be all about Jordans but now im all about Nike’s I can fine several that put me in aw🥵

                  • CiCi __
                    CiCi __  5 months back

                    I would love to see you do a lookbook!

                    • Safiya Lin
                      Safiya Lin   5 months back

                      CiCi __ , ooh thats a good idea 🧐

                  • Nía
                    Nía  5 months back

                    Girl, I feel you it’s just sum about Jordan’s that I just love💞🤷🏽‍♀️😂

                    • YEAH IGHT
                      YEAH IGHT  5 months back

                      I just love female sneakerheads I'll subscribe !!!

                      • Alexa Watson
                        Alexa Watson  5 months back

                        Yessssssssss I’m a sneakerhead even though i might not have the biggest collection and it’s hard to find people to relate with

                        • Safiya Lin
                          Safiya Lin   5 months back

                          Alexa Watson , my point !! 😩

                      • Raquel Lopez
                        Raquel Lopez  5 months back

                        I’m a girl and love sneakers I can’t go out a sneaker store without getting a pair, I went in today for my brother I wasn’t going to get anything, I ended up re stocking my white and black air forces

                        • Safiya Lin
                          Safiya Lin   5 months back

                          Raquel Lopez , 😂 you sound worse than me lol , I need me a pair of white air force lows though!!

                      • Millie Booth
                        Millie Booth  5 months back

                        I’m a huge sneaker head I even have multiple pairs of the same shoes but for different type of uses so I was have a fresh pair of that specific shoe x

                        • Ellie Bellie
                          Ellie Bellie  5 months back

                          sneakers are better fight me bout it

                          • BBallKing
                            BBallKing  5 months back

                            True that barely any girl sneakerheads lol nice pick ups

                          • Shellz DaBest
                            Shellz DaBest  6 months back

                            How are the sizing on the 700s? I wear a size 10 in women, 8.5 in dudes.

                            • Safiya Lin
                              Safiya Lin   6 months back

                              Shellz DaBest , very true to size . I would say get a 8.5 in men .

                          • Shellz DaBest
                            Shellz DaBest  6 months back

                            Nice review

                            • Safiya Lin
                              Safiya Lin   6 months back

                              Shellz DaBest , thank you !! 💚💚

                          • CheyTDMartinez
                            CheyTDMartinez  6 months back

                            Fine asl

                            • PUREICANDI
                              PUREICANDI  6 months back

                              Nice sneaker haul!!

                              • Sofee Rose
                                Sofee Rose  6 months back