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  • Shayan Ali
    Shayan Ali  11 months back

    She is a role model to other somalian women

    • Geezy G
      Geezy G  1 years back

      At iman beautiful. Very TRUE. . I'm 32 and would marry a lovely mature woman

    • SS
      SS  1 years back

      After many years of glitz, Iman is so grounded. She didn’t allow herself to be swallowed by Hollywood.

      • shirley mcdaniel
        shirley mcdaniel  2 years back

        BOWIE, I LOVE YOU, R.I.P.

        • Amina Aden
          Amina Aden  2 years back

          I love her clothes ❤️ and I love your makeup line she is underestimated.

          • Stacy B. Mcclain
            Stacy B. Mcclain  2 years back

            love you my strong Samolian Queen

            • asamed Lion
              asamed Lion  2 years back

              did she cook Canjeero😆 it is somali traditional food

              • Dalmar Trois
                Dalmar Trois  2 years back

                Somalia is the Land of Afrika i come there somalia
                i respect Iman she is American and go whatever she want to be Paris Milano Londen She is Legendari Model.

                • dhahir ally
                  dhahir ally  3 years back

                  conversation or debate? both may start with a conversation and may end up debate lol she made me laugh alot

                • Umaay Jamm
                  Umaay Jamm  3 years back

                  Iman you forget Somali why? Lol. Love her!

                  • KING CHUKS
                    KING CHUKS  4 years back

                    I really like this girl more somalian models will be like her good joob👍👍👍👍😀

                    • Zelda Zonk
                      Zelda Zonk  4 years back

                      No wedding ring?

                      • Amina Aden
                        Amina Aden  2 years back

                        She is Somali is not our culture to prove love, we love with our heart ❤️.

                      • mazzy stargaze
                        mazzy stargaze  4 years back

                        +Zelda Zonk Most celebs don't wear their wedding bands whenever they're making a public appearance.

                    • Virginia Jones
                      Virginia Jones  4 years back

                      star woman married to starman.... yes Iman it was you that looked after and loved our beautiful Bowie so well and kept him with us for as long as he was. Thank you beautiful lady.x

                      • William Cecil
                        William Cecil  4 years back

                        Italian cuisine is my fav <3

                      • msPamela aye!
                        msPamela aye!  5 years back

                        One beautiful lady. I have much admiration for!

                        • abhie amka
                          abhie amka  6 years back

                          oh my god...iman is gorgeous

                          • Kareem S
                            Kareem S  7 years back

                            She's amazing