🔴Live: Disney's Hollywood Studios in 1080p Walt Disney World Live Stream - 7-12-19

  • Published: 13 July 2019
  • Join us today for an amazing evening at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World!! We will ride some amazing rides, see a show or two, and then we'll watch the amazing Fantasmic Show followed by the Star Wars Fireworks to end the evening! Don't miss this action-packed Disney World Live Stream!! See you at 6:00pm ET!!

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Comments • 30

  • John p Hazzleton
    John p Hazzleton  3 months back

    Watching on the replay... another fantastic stream!!!

    • Jessie Kittycat
      Jessie Kittycat  3 months back

      Thank you for all the great videos , I needed a night at Hollywood Studios tonight.made my night.

      • Mike Pesto
        Mike Pesto  3 months back


        • Kelly Mann
          Kelly Mann  3 months back

          Do they have a single rider option on slinky dog dash?

        • Mpmendez94
          Mpmendez94  3 months back

          i was working at the green shelter when it rained around 5 during your walk around xD

          • Mrcruisefever1
            Mrcruisefever1  3 months back

            They should a Xmas Fantasmic show , during the christmas season

            • Rick Piatt
              Rick Piatt  3 months back

              Aaah! I've been so busy I've missed some streams … catch up time! Gotta love that! Thanks Josh & Jenna for these AWESOME streams!

              • IanBHere
                IanBHere  3 months back

                Thank you for another great rewatch. Love Josh’s go with the flow attitude while every door closes and you guys still have fun. And glad to hear that mine wasn’t the only belly that didn’t agree with the tie dye frap.

                • Anthony Oneto
                  Anthony Oneto  3 months back

                  As always, thank for doing these live streams! I enjoy them.

                  • Classy Disney Mom
                    Classy Disney Mom  3 months back

                    Thank you for another awesome stream! It was fun watching last night. Loved the fireworks at the end.

                    • Mickeythepluds
                      Mickeythepluds  3 months back

                      1. Congratulations on 65k subscribers
                      2. Where did Jenna get her alien ears
                      3. I watched fantasmic for the first time on this stream and I loved it. (Thank you for sitting in the rain for the stream
                      4. Great stream

                      • Kim Puckett
                        Kim Puckett  2 months back

                        @ResortTV1 i can't find Cargo on instagram

                      • Mickeythepluds
                        Mickeythepluds  3 months back

                        Thank you. I am thinking about getting the ears for my sister

                      • ResortTV1
                        ResortTV1   3 months back

                        Thank you very much! Jenna got her ears from Cargo 619 who is sewlebratethemagic on Instagram.

                      • Mary Murray
                        Mary Murray  3 months back

                        2 it was from cargo

                    • Bill in Ct
                      Bill in Ct  3 months back

                      Hi Josh and Jenna! How are you doing? I have to ask you something. All I keep hearing and seeing is absolutely HORRIBLE things about Galaxies Edge. You were there. Is it really that bad? I understand that Disney pretty much ignored the original trilogy and the prequels but is what they did so horrible that people keep bashing it and Disney?

                      • Bill in Ct
                        Bill in Ct  3 months back

                        ResortTV1 ok good. I think it looks pretty awesome and I’m to get there some day

                      • ResortTV1
                        ResortTV1   3 months back

                        I honestly loved it! It’s very immersive and well done! People are going to criticize things no matter what.

                    • Neo Dupin
                      Neo Dupin  3 months back

                      ►►► okay video ☺ Th4nks

                      • ME4TL0AF
                        ME4TL0AF  3 months back

                        I rlly wanna go back to WDW now😥

                        • Skumps !
                          Skumps !  3 months back

                          Me too. Haven't been in some time and I hate not knowing when I will have the chance to go back. Wishing you a trip there real soon <3

                      • Lauri Carlson
                        Lauri Carlson  3 months back

                        Congratulations to you 65k i am going to Disneyland next two weeks for disney vacation and my sister school

                        • ScubaCat3
                          ScubaCat3  3 months back

                          Dang I JUST missed it again!! Oh well. Have a great big beautiful weekend!

                          • ScubaCat3
                            ScubaCat3  3 months back

                            @LSUmom You never know... It could be your lucky day! 😉

                          • LSUmom
                            LSUmom  3 months back

                            They're going live from Animal Kingdom today! Hope to see you there!

                          • A Random Person
                            A Random Person  3 months back


                        • Thomas Chambers
                          Thomas Chambers  3 months back

                          Is this the only park your going to this week?

                          • ResortTV1
                            ResortTV1   3 months back

                            Animal Kingdom today!

                          • Michael Bouchard
                            Michael Bouchard  3 months back

                            animal kingdom Saturday between 5-6 pm eastern time