Brighton v. Bournemouth | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 4/13/19 | NBC Sports


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  • sheets0f metal
    sheets0f metal  6 months back

    Frazier get yourself to Arsenal ASAP! lol

    • Actus Reus
      Actus Reus  6 months back

      When does Brighton win? Once a year?

      • Kevin De Crosse
        Kevin De Crosse  6 months back

        8:14 Huddersfield town's season

        • Jacob Harne
          Jacob Harne  6 months back

          Arsene Wenger in the backround at 2:05.

          • Johnathan Patrick
            Johnathan Patrick  6 months back

            Geez, Brighton got butt whooped. Good for Bournemouth.

            • Angel Juarez
              Angel Juarez  6 months back

              So is this the team that’s giving Manchester City trouble in the FA Cup??!?!?

              • Maxwell H. Brindle
                Maxwell H. Brindle  6 months back

                1. No Replay of the First Goal
                2. No timestamps - when does any of this occur in the game????
                3. 3 Replays of Brighton's shot not on-target?

                2 minutes in and I'm done. NBC Sports, you keep making the same mistakes and several years into your license appear to have no idea how to present football. You are so grossly incompetent it beggars the imagination and are completely unworthy to showcase Premier League Football. If the English FA has any sense they'll rip the rights out your hands when they get the chance. I pray for the day. Until then, Avast ye maties!

                • Maxwell H. Brindle
                  Maxwell H. Brindle  6 months back

                  @IRS Thot Department Are you the editor responsible?

                • IRS Thot Department
                  IRS Thot Department  6 months back

                  Please do make a list of other grievances you have, I'm sure everyone cares

              • Thug Love
                Thug Love  6 months back

                Brooks is so class... wouldn’t doubt he was a natural born baller.

                Frazier with loads of poise while remaining calm on the one touch assist.

                • Dank Meme
                  Dank Meme  6 months back

                  Name a team more inconsistent than Bournemouth

                  • Johnathan Patrick
                    Johnathan Patrick  6 months back

                    I'd say Wolves. Get points against most of the big sharks, but they lose to Southampton, for example.

                  • RC
                    RC  6 months back

                    West ham occasionally

                • randogg 781
                  randogg 781  6 months back

                  The defending in the Premier League is atrocious. Says no one because just like any league there's going to be teams that don't defend well as a unit.

                  • Notorious TBG
                    Notorious TBG  6 months back

                    Lol @ 8:15 😭😭😭

                    • Big fish Ke
                      Big fish Ke  6 months back

                      And that’s how knockeart ended his Career.
                      Pure stupid

                      • justin williams
                        justin williams  6 months back

                        8:14 best moment of the video

                        • espben360
                          espben360  6 months back

                          wow brighton could go down if they continue at this rate. awful again

                          • LAGoodfella
                            LAGoodfella  6 months back

                            8:28 The gulls came to pick at the garbage that was this Brighton performance.

                          • mountainhobo
                            mountainhobo  6 months back

                            I did not expect such a lopsided match.

                            • Make Money
                              Make Money  6 months back

                              I never seen Brighton win ever 😂🤣😁

                              • Pablo Sejas
                                Pablo Sejas  6 months back

                                8:15 "f*** saucy a$$" ?????

                                • Yakcob Brown
                                  Yakcob Brown  6 months back

                                  "F******* sort it out!"

                                • W166135
                                  W166135  6 months back


                              • Jingzhou Hua
                                Jingzhou Hua  6 months back

                                Can u put the time thanks and can u not show the coaches talking so much

                                • Zhengguo Sun
                                  Zhengguo Sun  6 months back

                                  @Sage Choi exactly.

                                • Sage Choi
                                  Sage Choi  6 months back

                                  People can always find a reason to complain even when they get to watch almost 10 min long highlights

                              • Dee Emm
                                Dee Emm  6 months back

                                Ryan Fraser, welcome to Arsenal. Hard working and very intelligent team player. Good replacement for Aaron Ramsey.

                                • Lyncoln Richy
                                  Lyncoln Richy  6 months back

                                  Man this was a mauling 😂

                                • Lyncoln Richy
                                  Lyncoln Richy  6 months back

                                  No way

                                • Behizy
                                  Behizy  6 months back

                                  Ramsey is a BtB midfielder he is a winger and nothing links him to Arsenal

                              • MasterofSheepdogs
                                MasterofSheepdogs  6 months back

                                reported for abuse

                                • Ur Dead nan
                                  Ur Dead nan  6 months back

                                  Brilliant challenge by knockaert

                                • Dreamz
                                  Dreamz  6 months back

                                  first hehe